Your Suit Home

Your Suit Home, just like a tailored suit.

Ahhh those publicists!

Artisans of properties

To sell a property

We will provide you with advice and see you through the whole process, from the first contact to the signature of the deed of sale before the Notary. Local real estate agents with a deep knowledge of the market at your service.
YSH, efficiency in sales.

Finding your dream home

Big or small. Purchase or rent. We will find the property that better adapts to you and to your needs.

YSH, guaranteed results !

Rental management

Full management of the rental, ie.: price survey, search for the ideal tenant, contracts, charges, insurances, taxes… we take care of all, so that you are free from worries.

YSH, profitable and stable rentals.


Over 20 years of experience. Apartments, commercial spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, shops. We propose, execute and coordinate everything from start to finish so you can save time and money.

YSH successful refurbishments!

We buy properties

If you have a property in need of refurbishment, contact us. We may very well buy it from you directly – cash up front.

YSH, guaranteed sale!


If you wish to invest in  real estate we will assist you with an active research to find the property that better suits your interests, presenting you its study of profitability.

YSH, profitable investments!

Services for foreigners

We will find the property you need in the city, on the coast or countryside. We will help you, organizing the services you will need in your day to day life ensuring you settle smoothly into your new home.
YSH, smooth relocations!

And our unique before and after services, for any operation. Always by your side!

We speak Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and German!

YSH Method

10 steps towards effectiveness

  1. assign you an agent to see you through the whole process
  2. make a market survey to decide on a competitive sales price
  3. present you with the tax study and an estimation for the operation
  4. give you decoration and home staging suggestions
  5. carry out a professional photo shoot
  6. advertise the property in different channels
  7. carry out worthy viewings
  8. negotiate the sales price with the potential buyer
  9. establish the sales contract as well as all related legal aspects and documents
  10. and finally, we will assist you at the notary