Rental Management

Managing the rental of a property involves many procedures that take place before and throughout its duration. That’s why we’ve created our Integrated Rental Service, so you can get the most profit out of your property without having to worry about anything

By placing your trust in us, this is what you will obtain:

Integrated Rental Service comprising:

  1. Price survey.
  2. Preparation of the house to make it attractive, Home Staging.
  3. Selection of tenants with verified income.
  4. Drafting of the rental contract.
  5. Registration of the contract and payment of the deposit in the INCASOL (Catalan Institute of Land).
  6. Organizing the payment ITP and AJD (taxes).
  7. Transfer of utility contracts (water, gas and electricity).
  8. Collecting the monthly rent and transfer it to the owner.
  9. Annual update of rent amount according to CPI (Consumer Price Index).
  10. Claim unpaid amounts. (The legal claim is made through the insurance company).
  11. Submit the tenant a house insurance proposal to cover their liability.
  12. Help the tenant solve any problem that may arise, thus avoiding disturbing the owner.

Additional services:

  1. Rent insurance.
  2. Repair service for the owner and the tenant.
  3. Housekeeping service.
  4. Renovation service.