If you want to sell your property, we will advise you and accompany you throughout the process, from the first moment up to signing the deed of sale at the notary.

It is a process in which it is necessary to carry out several different tasks of great importance that ensure the success of the operation.

We are here for you, we are totally transparent

This is our YSH method, 10 actions towards efficiency:

  1. assign you an agent to see you through the whole process
  2. make a market survey to decide on a competitive sales price
  3. present you with the tax study and estimate for the operation
  4. give you decoration and home-staging suggestions
  5. make a professional photo shoot
  6. advertise the property in different channels
  7. carry out worthy viewings
  8. negotiate the sales price with the prospective buyer
  9. establish the sales contract and all related legal aspects and documents
  10. and finally, we will assist you at the notary.

Ah! And if your property needs to be refurbished,

we will consider buying it directly from you, cash up front !!