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Why hire a realtor?

According to the psychologists’ association, the purchase or sale of our home and the subsequent move is the situation that causes more stress, second only to the breakup of a marriage or relationship.

To sell and purchase: these two situations often go together, as when you sell your home the next step will be to settle into a newly acquired property so it is advisable to think over various details to ensure the success of this endeavour.

When you decide to sell a property, you should first define the price and adapt it to the market; several steps must follow: carry out a tax study, prepare the home so that it has the best image to be marketed, make good photos, advertise the property in real estate platforms, organize and carry out viewings; once you have closed the sale, you must write a sale and purchase agreement, establish forms of payment, and last but definitely not least, sign the deed of sale at the notary.

If this process is to be followed by the purchase of a new property, we must add another series of points to observe. First estimate the taxes due in the operation, search and select the homes to see, arrange viewings, and when you find the right property, make an offer on the price, negotiate the price with the seller and close the purchase. At this point, another sale and purchase agreement has to be established, maybe arrange for a mortgage if necessary, and sign the deed of sale at the notary. Once the operation is completed you can finally settle into the new home.

This is a cumbersome task and hiring the services of a real estate agent will ease on you the burden of all the procedures described and help at the moment of taking decisions. Consequently, it will reduce load of the stress caused by being immersed in a situation that you do not completely control.

A real estate agent is an expert, a professional trained in marketing, sales, appraisals who will accompany you throughout the sale and purchase process.

The agent is aware of the real market prices. He has experience in drafting contracts and is knowledgeable of the necessary documentation, as well as of the applicable taxes. He has in his agenda the contacts of those professionals who can help him in his tasks, lawyers, architects, notaries, tax advisor, a painter, an electrician, etc.

A good real estate agent will not only have all the qualities described above but will also be an attentive listener of their clients’ needs. His focus will be on understanding what his clients really want.

Selling and buying our home is not an everyday task; hiring a local real estate agent will provide security, peace of mind, and will end up saving your time and money.