Your Suit Home

The reason for a supposedly wrong name:

The sentence that better defines the maximum tranquility and comfort at home is: “Home, sweet home”.

So, it should be “Your Sweet Home” and not “Your Suit Home”.

To be able to explain it, first let’s consider

the main values of the company and our type of management:

Gentleness | Trust | Professionalism


The main characteristics of the team:

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of the market and of all real estate related procedures.
  2. Flexibility and know-how to comply with your requests and provide you with what you really want.

As a result, we accomplish:

  1. Customized transactions and tailor-made projects
  2. Orientation to your needs rather than our own results

Given this, it was necessary to adjust a name to this company, which:

  1. Is in Barcelona capital, in L’Esquerra de l’Eixample
  2. In a multicultural location
  3. Offering a 360º real estate service:
  4. Purchase and sale of properties and rentals’ management
  5. Property investment
  6. Refurbishments and renovations
  7. Gentleness, trust and professionalism
  8. Proven experience and know-how in the real estate sector
  9. Professional advice
  10. Customized projects with personalized attention to the client.

And also, create a slogan to go with this name while highlighting our essence


  • The phrase that best defines the comfort at home is: “home, sweet home”
  • Colloquially, when we talk about something that fits perfectly, we say “like a tailor-made suit”: the word “suit” being phonetically quite like “sweet”.

We wanted to create an amusing name by combining the concept of “sweet home” with our ability and willingness to manage projects made for our clients like a tailor-made suit

Now you see where we are going, right?

The name and slogan that combine the qualities we all want in a house with our personalized management formula are:

In conclusion:

We are real estate artisans as opposed to companies that base their management and revenues on their real estate portfolio alone.

Gentleness, trust and professionalism are the pillars on which we base our work, focused on you and for you.

Now that you’ve seen our naming process, imagine all we can do for you in the real estate sector!